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Audio Books are here!

Both A Riverbend Christmas and Murder in the Eternal City are finally available in audio! Find them here: A Riverbend Christmas: Audible: https://geni.us/7yxabm Chirp: https://geni.us/KOlD BN (Nook Audio): https://geni.us/JjwwpnF Apple: https://geni.us/PfIWw Kobo: https://geni.us/Utj7UFV Google: https://geni.us/Aq1cAJ2 ____________________________ Murder in the Eternal City Audible: https://geni.us/h1Af Chirp: https://geni.us/jO6B3W Kobo: https://geni.us/NM4cB BN (Nook Audio): https://geni.us/AoHodm9 Google: https://geni.us/syL9E Apple: https://geni.us/gEgMAaB

Catching up

Hi all. A lot has happened since my last post, including my mom passing away, so as you can imagine, my life has kind of fallen apart. I’m happy to say not completely, but things have slowed way down, while I deal with the business side of death and the changes in my own life.…

A Riverbend Christmas Excerpt

I’m very happy with the way A Riverbend Christmas (Riding Hard Holiday Novella) turned out. Read on for an excerpt! Pre-order links here: https://jenniferashley.com/jennifer-ashley-books/riding-hard/a-riverbend-christmas/ Chapter One You what?” Sam Farrell glared at his acquaintance Vince Morgan in disbelief. They stood together in Jack Hillman’s lumberyard, stacks of boards climbing around them, the scent of sawdust…