Mountain Retreat

We went to the mountains for a break from the heat (where I live it has already cracked 100 degrees). Last night it rained in the foothills and snowed on the peaks! So beautiful.

This is the area where Janet from my Stormwalker series went to university, before she took off to see the world (and met Mick). This whole area inspired the character of Janet and the series (which yes, I will get back to!)

I’m enjoying the beautiful pines and watching the crows, one of which could be Janet’s grandmother.

We plan to stay up here over the summer, because the desert heat is getting to us, and we’re paving the way. Hope to be up here for longer soon!

One thought on “Mountain Retreat

  1. Your comment about the Stormwalker series really made me crave the next book in the series.
    Any guess-taments on when my craving will be satisfied?


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