I’m told that if you make changes in your life, you should do it a little at a time. Don’t go all in.

Well …

Suddenly, at the end of a horrible year, we are renovating and trying to move in to a summer home (buying furniture, carpet replacement, new bathroom fixtures, and so forth), my mom is moving to a senior apartment (and we are heavily involved in the move), I have to change my logins at every account imaginable because my email provider is changing, and I’m setting up an on-line store where I can sell signed copies of my books and other goodies. Plus looking for a new agent. All in the past couple of weeks.

I like change usually, because I don’t like being stagnant. I like to experience new things, learn, grow …

But so much at once is overwhelming. Writing has taken a back seat, I have to say, which is frustrating.

What I’m trying to do is break down everything into bite-sized pieces. Take one job at a time. Fortunately my husband is very helpful, coordinating all the renovating on the summer house and keeping stress off my mom. Oh, my mom just got a new phone too, and I am helping her understand how to use it, and transferring all her data from old phone to new (which is complicated because the phone is an older model and didn’t automagically transfer everything for her.)

It has been quite a month, which is why I haven’t been as chatty.

My goal is that by mid-summer everyone is settled and starting to relax and have fun. I can dream.

I so want to get back to writing! The stories are in my head, time is marching on, my schedule is waving its arms, and writing is my refuge from the stress of Real Life. Mackenzies and Captain Lacey take me away!

Abstract environmental backgrounds with bamboo and water droplets

How do you cope with change? My choice is to run away screaming, but not really practical at the moment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. That is a ton of change. I am not a fan of change but try to go with the flow. One day at a time. Good luck with everything.


  2. You’re going through a lot! I hope all goes well. For me, when there’s no way avoiding the status quo, I buckle up to accept the new circumstances, but later escape for several hours in a good book. That and going to Massage Envy and a good tea house, like the one at the Phoenician.


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