Writing and New Books

Much has happened since my last post. We tried for months to move to our summer house in the cool mountains but were stymied by ongoing renovations. The kitchen was supposed to be finished in March but because of slowdowns all around, it wasn’t until the first of July. I didn’t want to move into the house while work was still being done, not because we couldn’t deal with it, but because our remaining cat is mostly blind and mostly deaf and I didn’t want him getting hurt.

Now we are in the mountains, which is 30-40 degrees cooler than our desert house. The cat has adapted amazingly well–I was picturing having to assist him to find his litter box etc., but he kind of wandered about, using his nose, whiskers, and feet to figure things out. He now runs up and down the stairs, knows exactly where the food and his sofa is (note: “his” sofa–he sometimes lets us sit there too), and has adapted very well.

What about books? I’m writing them! Next Tuesday is the release of the sixth book in the Kat Holloway series. Yay!!!

Find this book at booksellers everywhere or online:

Apple Books
Barnes & Noble
Google Play

Click here to read an excerpt.

Kat Holloway is amazed to meet a woman who claims that Kat’s so-called husband was murdered, and not only that, left a fortune behind. Can the two find it? Kat knows there’s much more going on, and recruits Daniel and her friends to solve the mystery of her former husband’s death.

The books are gorgeous! Out August 2!

What else am I working on? Lots of things. Captain Lacey Book 16 (Murder in the Eternal City) is about to go to the proofreader. I’m also working on a new Leonidas the Gladiator, another Kat Holloway, and going back to my Western romance series to do a Christmas story and more. That’s just in the immediate future. Much more after that!

3 thoughts on “Writing and New Books

    1. YES! I just got my rights back to Book 1, and as soon as I have that republished, I’m going to plunge back into the Stormwalker world! Look for new books next year!


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