Fall and Writing

I have just put a Riding Hard Christmas novella (A Riverbend Christmas) on preorder for a November release. I had a lot of fun returning to Riverbend to catch up with Adam, Grant, Carter, Tyler, Ross, Kyle, and Ray and the rest of the family. No fear, it will be in print and audio as well as ebook!

Some Pre-order links:

Google and print links coming soon

I decided to make the main romance in this story about Olivia, the Campbell brothers’ mom, who raised five sons alone. I thought–she seriously needs some HER time!

I wasn’t quite sure who Olivia would fall in love with, until I read through the entire Riding Hard series, and in walked Sam Farrell, the uncle of Bailey and Christina (heroines of books 1 and 2). Sam! He’s warm and sweet, but strong and handsome, and he and Olivia have been friends for decades. He’s alone, she’s alone … And the story was born.

I know Olivia has been dating the town banker off and on, but, well … you’ll see what happens with that. Also I was able to look in on Lucy, the Malorys’ sister, and Karen Marvin and her new attraction, Jack. More books will come of that!

I’ll post again next week about the release of the next Captain Lacey Regency Mystery, Murder in the Eternal City, and then about what to expect coming up. Many things!

This has been a rough year for me in many ways, and I’m grateful I have my stories to sink into, characters who embrace me and make me whole again.

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