Hooray for an Office!

My silence for the last month has been because of moving! My mom to a new apartment and me and husband to our summer house in the mountains.

After a buttload of work, we are finally all settling in. And I have an office!

I found this lovely desk at a local furniture store. I wanted something small, because I figure I can only clutter it up so much before I have to clean it off. Right? It also happily has ports to plug in my laptop and phone.

The folding chair next to the desk is what I was using before I got the office chair. Great for camping, bad for writing. I have it here for the cats–they love lounging in it.

I also have my guitar nearby so I can play and practice when I’m not writing.

Already my productivity has gone up. I was in despair because writing has been sidelined for the last couple of months–not suprising–but for me, going more than a week without working on a story is unheard of!

Yesterday, after I got my chair, I started revising what little I’d written in the past months and today I am getting through the rest of that revising. Plus I’m brainstorming other stories in the notebooks beside the laptop.

I also have a nice view off the balcony to a quiet road. A pair of crows talk to each other in the trees outside (all day long …).

If you wonder why I’m so excited to have an office, it’s because it’s my first one. For the previous years of my career, I’ve been writing in the living room or dining room, or in a cramped space in a hobby room. Which is fine, but the living room and dining room are traffic areas of course, and I either have to have headphones with the volume turned way up or yell at people to be quiet and stop distracting me. Not fair to them or me.

Now I have an office of my very own, with a door. Which I can’t shut, because, you know, cats. But it’s in a cozy corner upstairs, free of traffic and distractions (except for cats). I’m thrilled!

The office needs more decor (the whole house does), but that will come.

I’ll have more news when I get back into the groove of things. It’s nice to be back to work! (For real.)

4 thoughts on “Hooray for an Office!

  1. Thank you for update and so happy you have a beautiful place to write. Creativity ebbs and flows, may this be peaceful place for you to release the wonderful plots, characters and words you create so well. Looking forward to your new words and work.


  2. I can foresee all sorts of imaginative stories pouring forth in the near future πŸ˜‰
    I’m so happy for you…and the cats, lol. I hope it’s cooler in the mountains for you. We are absolutely burning up here in Oregon! So far the fires are all far away from me but if we stay in the 90’s & 100’s for much longer I doubt we will be immune. We’ve had no significant rain since March!! If it does fall, it evaporates before it hits the ground because we’re so hot. I wish you peace and happiness & much creativity to bless your soul.


  3. Congratulations on your new digs and new office! What an inspirational view with wonderful furbaby company! All your readers (myself included), will also reap rewards of your summer move; we get to enjoy your upcoming releases! Let those writing juices flow! πŸ˜ƒ

    I’m sure your mom appreciates the all the help and hard work from you and your DH getting her moved as well.

    Enjoy Jennifer!


  4. Your office looks beautiful and tranquil. Good for you for finding a secluded summer home. Arizona has dreadful scorching heat in the summer, so I’m happy you’re away from it 😊. Hope all goes well with your mom’s move and with your future decorating!


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