Upcoming Releases

I haven’t posted in a while, because the last two months have seen me with my head down, writing hard!

I’ve been working on two books:

Kat Holloway Below Stairs Mysteries Book 6, which is finished and now on my editor’s desk (pub date and title TBA). Yay!

The second, The Sinful Ways of Jamie Mackenzie (Mackenzies Book 12) is still in progress with a pub date of November 16.

You can pre-order Jamie’s book here:


Kobo and Google pre-order links to come.

I will of course have it in PRINT as well as audio, closer to release date.

This book will take us into the early 1900s, with Jamie, Ian Mackenzie’s oldest, at 28. He’s been kicking around the world having adventures, and now he’s home to settle down, or so he thinks.

Running into Evie McKnight (a new character), a young lady he’d met under bizarre circumstances ten years ago, sends him straight back into adventures. The problem is, she’s engaged to another man. Jamie reasons that such things didn’t stop his father when he’d courted Jamie’s mother, and they’re not going to stop Jamie.

You’ll see Ian and Beth in this book, as well as Jamie’s sisters (Belle and Megan) and several of the cousins playing important roles as Jamie falls madly in love.

I plan to do stories for most of the next generation: Next up will be Megan or Belle. Hart’s oldest son is not sure he wants to step into the ducal shoes, Gavina (Cam’s daughter) wants to live life to its fullest, and Aimee (Mac’s adopted daughter) is facing the difficulty of her background as she blossoms into a beautiful young woman.

The lads will find heroines strong enough to love Mackenzies, and the ladies will encounter their own hot heroes.

A note: The series is now entering the 1900s, which I realize is a run-up to WWI. I have made the decision that no Mackenzie will be killed in the war. This series is about romance, adventure, and family, and I want everyone to be smiling when they finish each story. If any books are set in those years, the family will of course be touched by it, but they will come out of it together.

More books coming up

I sadly had to move the next Captain Lacey to spring, because me writing schedule this summer got discombobulated. I have a beautiful cover for it (Murder in the Eternal City), and I’m tentatively setting the date for March.

In May, another gladiator book (The Ring that Caesar Wore)

But first, more Shifters! I like having February as Shifter month, and so Tiger’s Daughter will be out then. Stay tuned for pre-orders on that book.

That’s what I’ve been up to since last post. I’d hoped to travel a little more this summer, visiting Canyon de Cheyelles, the Grand Canyon, or Vermillion Cliffs, but I spent it all in my office writing. But I realize I needed to chill in a calm place and not run around frantically. I’m glad, because I went from not writing (for almost three months! ack!) to finishing one book and closing on the end of a second.

This retreat has been incredibly good for me for both stress and creativity.

Much more to come!

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