Lots of news!

After months of nothing much happening (except constant writing), I have a lot to tell you!

  1. The Below Stairs mysteries have been picked up for two more books! Book 6 is out this year (August), and I have just accepted an offer to write Books 7 and 8. More Kat Holloway! (The lovely cover of Book 6: More about it here: https://katholloway.com/the-books/the-secret-of-bow-lane/)

2. I also recently signed with Dragonblade, an indie imprint run by Kathryn le Veque, to write three Regency novels! These will be hot Regencies about three soldiers returning from Waterloo to re-start their lives. Drama, humor, and scorching love scenes await! The books will be out in 2024, so there will be much more information to come (titles, pub dates, covers, etc).

3. I am pleased to have received rights back to two of my Stormwalker books I write as Allyson James (Firewalker and Shadow Walker). I am in the process of re-covering the whole series, and republishing the books I’ve received rights to. Because of this, I’ll be able continue writing the series! I’m so excited! Much more about all this in due time.

4. Tiger’s Daughter is now up for pre-order! Pub date May 24. I will do a separate post with all the details.

I also was able to take a long-anticipated vacation!! (Vacation? What’s that?) We took a cruise up and down the coast of California, stopping in at San Francisco, Santa Catalina Island, and San Diego. I love SF, though it was cold! I’d never been to Catalina, and I loved it! Must make a special trip there for it’s own sake. (Pics are both of Avalon on Catalina).

I’m back home now and working on more books! Much to write!

7 thoughts on “Lots of news!

  1. After going through what I call my reading dry up. I just couldn’t get into reading or auditing anything. It was incredibly irritating as I had/have a number of book queued up on my Kindle and in Audible. However, Once the release of “The Sinful Ways Jamie Mackenzie”, I am slowly getting back into my much loved hobby. JM’s book was a delightful read, one I’m sure I’ll be revisiting many times! I have a couple of other author books I’m reading/audioing right now, before I can catch up on Captain Lacey and Kat Holloway, I’m sure I’ll be diving into those books soon.

    I’m glad you were able to take a much deserved vacation Jennifer. It’s important to rest your mind and typing fingers too!

    I have pre-ordered “Tiger’s Daughter” and am pretty sure it will be a queue jumper.

    Thank you for your updates Jenifer.


  2. Have to catch up on my Kat Holloway stories, and I am SO excited to know you’ll be writing regencies for Dragonblade! My all-time favorite is Iain’s story, although I loved all the MacKenzies! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


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