What’s Up

It has been a while since I posted, and so many things have happened! I sold a house and bought a car, went to Tucson for my first in-person convention in two years, made it through the holidays, set up a new office in my desert house, had a book release, and started writing several more.

I also hit a wall on writing–for some reason, my hands would not type a story. The characters in my head were doing things, but I just. could. not. write. It was frustrating, and put a big snare in my schedule. Part of it was the business of life-changing events, and I think I was just exhausted.

I decided to change up the way I write my drafts. My hands had no problem editing words already written. As I continue to self-analyze, I think part of the trouble is that typing is slow. My thoughts race along, the story unfolding, and it’s tiring for my fingers to keep up.

Several authors I know dictate their drafts. I’ve tried this before and haven’t liked it (the dictation software does not understand my low and somewhat slurred voice), and I end up with hilarious results. But in desperation, I went back to it.

I’ve found two dictation programs to be decent. Otter is great, because you speak into your phone, so I can walk around the house or lie on the couch with my eyes closed and talk the story. (I warn my husband beforehand–if he hears me saying things like “Shite, Sean, what gives?” I’m not talking to ghosts or calling him by the wrong name.) I save the speech as text and then upload it to my laptop.

The other decent software is simply MS Word’s dictation feature. The advantage is that the words appear right on my laptop–the disadvantage is I have to talk into my laptop. It also is somewhat more accurate.

Oh, and, if you forget to tap the “record” button, you can dictate pages of words and they will drift into the air and vanish. Wonder how I know this? šŸ™‚

Once I’ve dictated a chunk, I have to clean it up. It’s a big mess, and I need to go through several passes to make sure everything is right. For example, Otter likes to capitalize Words at Random, So I have to Change all Those. MS Word likes to put spaces before all the commas , and periods . And don’t get me started on how they spell my character’s names.

In spite of the drawbacks, however, dictating enabled me to get the stories out! Where I can do something with them.

I’m not sure I’ll use this method forever, but I’m grateful because it got the words flowing again. No typing 100 words and then realizing I’m done for the day. I went back to my usual pace, to my relief.

To that end–here’s what’s coming up!

I decided to finish my Regency Bon Bons novella trilogy. These are sweet Regencies (no sex on the page) I started writing for multi-author anthologies. The first two (Duke in Search of a Duchess and A Kiss for Luck) have been re-released outside the anthologies. A Kiss for Luck leaves the heroine’s stepdaughter, Sonia, needing a story, and Along Came a Prince was born (out in February).

These are fairly short (7-10 chapters each), so they are not individually in print. However, now that I have the third written, I will release all three in one paperback volume so readers can choose print or e-book.

Along Came a Prince will be out February 15 at all vendors. It is available for pre-order right now at


Barnes and Noble

With Kobo, Google, and Apple links coming soon. The print book will release Feb 15, though I might be able to put it up for pre-order at Barnes and Noble beforehand.

I love the cover!

The other book I’m working on is Tiger’s Daughter. I plan to have a big cover reveal and pre-order links soon!

After that, Captain Lacey returns!!

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